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    the year of 1999 Md. Kalimulla, Md. Mahatab, Md. Sha Alom Howlader, Md. Kuddus Mahamud & Md. Khalilur Rahman take a primary decision to set up a college in the rural area of Mohipur. To dicuses in short among five persons, they select as a adviser of Salam Akon to distribute a letter in the people of Mohipur, Latachapli, Dalbugong & Nilgong Union. In that way they arrange a metting to set up a college and discuss everything where Md. Salam Akon was the chairman of thet meeting in 24-12-1999. After that, they elected as a chairman of Md. Khalilur Rahman and gave all responsibilities to arrange official management in the member of secretary of Md. Kalimullah. The total members of that committee were 25. Mohipur Bondor is the most familiar and industrial place in the southern part of Bangladesh. It is also famous for collecting fish. In spite of that, here most people live below the poverty line and can not offord to educate their children. After completing S.S.C Examination, they cannot study their children to get admittited in the far away. For this reason, they take a proper decision to set up a college in the rural area of Mohipur to distribute higher education among the boys and the girls.
    At first this college was given name to Mohipur college in the meeting of 2/2/1999. All documents are to correspondence in that name. After that the principal of that college has been discussed to change the name of the college, the inspector of college, Abdul Motaleb and finally the name has been changed into “Muktijoddah Memorial College”.
    The mutual understanding and co-operation among the people of the locality the college was set up. To set up this college the land had been given to Md. Samsul Haq Howlader, Md. Abdus Sattar Musulli, Atikur Rahman, Yousuf Musulli & Deloara Begum and also gave to money Mohipur S. R O S. B Samiti Ltd, G.M Soroar Hossain, and Gazi Md. Moznu.





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